Lawrence Scott Bitterman
At the RRL Ranch for the David Lauren and
Lauren Bush Wedding, September 2011


It's a heady experience sitting with Larry Bitterman in his design studio in Los Angeles – he takes multi-tasking to an entirely new level. Surrounded by mannequins dressed in the finest wool frock coats accented with rich silk ties, he has one hand on the phone while he's holding his newest line of shirts, talking excitedly about the latest patterns and exquisite details in the styling right down to each button – buttons that he personally selects. Larry designs and oversees the creation of every piece in his line. His passion for what he does is infectious and, in short order, just sitting there, you are transported to another world – a richer, more elegant era – the mannequins seem to come alive and his designs begin to tell a story. "Years ago, working my way through college at a clothing boutique in Georgetown, the manager, who I now realize was my mentor, taught me that clothing can create a story." And create a fashion story Bitterman did, and has been doing for over twenty years.

His vision is at the root of what he creates – his styles are steeped in elegant, classic Victorian traditions but he has the rare ability to take these designs and add just the right amount of sexy and hip to give them a modern-day edge.

His ability to do this is likely the combination of his diverse life experiences. Born and essentially raised in Manhattan, he "embraced the New York attitude" even though his family had moved to the suburbs of New Jersey.

"It was never an intention of mine to be involved in the fashion business, although when I think back upon it, clothing was a very important aspect of my life, even at a very young age."

After college in Washington D.C. and then law school in Los Angeles, Larry settled in to practicing law and living the L.A. lifestyle. He still enjoyed wearing designer clothing, not yet realizing the Lawrence Scott future. On a whim one day, he was invited to go horseback riding, at a friend's ranch outside of the city. That weekend changed his life. He became completely captivated by the richness of the "Western lifestyle".

In chatting with him, he uses the word "reincarnated" to try to explain this new found passion for a world that had no connection to the one he had been brought up in. His life would begin evolving in a completely different direction – exit Larry Bitterman, ESQ, enter Larry Bitterman clothing designer – first for his initial company Old Frontier Clothing (since there was nothing existing, other than the hideous western wear of the dreaded 80s) and then later for Lawrence Scott Designs (the next step in taking some of his original designs to a more sophisticated level).

And that's where this all began. "I'm a clothes horse at heart. There's nothing more elegant than sporting a fine ensemble that turns heads. Your posture actually changes as does your attitude."

"I started wearing some of my designs when I would go back to New York and out for an evening. Routinely heads would turn and people would sometimes stop and ask 'where I got my outfit.'" It's because the whole look exudes romance and for a minute, people step into a chapter of the book the story tells. Lawrence Scott Designs has the styling, detail and versatility to create your unique persona with pure class and elegance. Maybe it's classic western or maybe it's a flash back to a more romantic time, but it's there and all in 21st century terms.

We are expanding our line to include more for women. The rich brocades, which formerly adorned our men's vests are now appearing in a feminine version of our frock coat for women. They conjure images of the tailored smoking jackets of the 30s. Ladies, take a second look at the silk ties and rich cotton shirts – throw on a gorgeous belt with your boots and jeans and your look will turn heads too.

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